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KEGG BRITE is a collection of manually created hierarchical text (htext) files capturing functional hierarchies of various biological objects. BRITE Hierarchy Files Pathway and Brite. Genes and Proteins. Compounds and Reactions. Drugs. Diseases. Organisms and Cells. The KEGG BRITE database is a collection of BRITE hierarchy files, called htext ( hierarchical text) files, with additional files for binary relations.

Pathway and Brite. Genes and Proteins. Orthologs and modules. Protein families: metabolism. Protein families: genetic information processing. [ BRITE | KEGG2 | KEGG ] Last updated: June 20, ABC classifications based on Igarashi et al. () and Tomii & Kanehisa () MFS classification taken. KEGG is a collection of databases dealing with genomes, biological pathways, diseases, drugs, Another database that supplements KEGG PATHWAY is the KEGG BRITE database. It is an ontology database containing hierarchical.

ATC. 1 Agents affecting nervous system and sensory organs. 2 Agents affecting individual organs. 3 Agents affecting metabolism. 31 Vitamins. ATC. 1 Agents affecting nervous system and sensory organs. 11 Agents affecting central nervous system. 12 Agents affecting peripheral nervous system. A lot of the compounds (and also reactions, enzymes, and other entries) in KEGG are already integrated within KEGG BRITE (39) which aims to collect functional.

Systems information: KEGG PATHWAY (pathway maps), KEGG BRITE (functional hierarchies and table files) and KEGG MOD- ULE (Pathway, structuralcomplex.


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